Dogsledding with a team of husky companions.

You probably aren’t familiar with the names Togo and Balto, but undoubtedly you’re familiar with their accomplishments: In 1925, a fatal epidemic threatened the lives of children living in Nome, Alaska and the only way to stop the impending doom was to send…

Andalusian warhorses are transformed into beings of grace & beauty in Southern Spain.

Story by Erin Deinzer

The lights in the arena dim as flamenco music fills the air—castanets punctuating the beat of the song. I sit in my bleacher seat surrounded by hundreds of other visitors to the arena…

From noble wines to regal raptors on the “Castle Road” of France.

Castle in the Alsace, France.

Story & photos by Erin Deinzer

Like many an obsessive “Game of Thrones” fan, I’m entranced by the idea of life in medieval Europe—including fairy tale images of castles, and the raptors that carried messages back-and-forth between them…

Erin Deinzer

Lifelong travel nut. Enthusiastic participant in all aspects of life. Loyal friend & mother. Animal lover. Avid reader.

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